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November 23, 2003

Orkney weather

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Very clear today with frost and ice on the ground all day. In the morning I was calibrating my telescope in the garden and I actually felt warm in the sun. Late in the afternoon I went for a run and was impressed by the calm and stillness everywhere. Even the smoke from the chimneys was just hanging, suspended, in the air.

September 30, 2003


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My new and long awaited (well, 3 weeks) running shoes arrived last night and were christened this morning with my “standard” 3.5 mile run, no problems. The run cleared a mild hangover from post-FB drinking too. Incidentally, I am currently running about 14 miles per week.

Monday 29th September
I found a dead bird in the hall this morning, it’s heart literally torn out. Vodka was sitting on the kitchen table trying to look innocent. A bird feather attached to her fur established her guilt as surely as a smoking gun.

Sunday 28th September
A beautiful day so I took my new camera (and my older camera) up to Ward Hill which I climbed in just over an hour…its interesting, the walk is difficult to be sure, but mentally difficult too. I will post the pictures in the Longhope site in a few days.

Website of the day: The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Friday 27th September
I bought a 3 month old Canon EOS-10D digital SLR camera with 750300mm USM zoom lens from Ebay the other and today it arrived! It’s brilliant and a bargain at half the new price too. The seller was helpful and seemed genuine.

September 20, 2003

Vodka to the vet

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Added a picture of Vodka playing with a mouse to her page. While I was at it I regenerated the whole page using that web generator program. I do like that program, maybe the guy who wrote it could rewrite the XP operating system one day? :) )

Friday 19th September
I have been dreading this day all week…..taking Vodka to the vet! It was as bad as I expected, continual miaowing the whole time in the car although I did get a bit of a break on the ferry. Anyhow the vet said she is fine, gave me some cream for her wounds, updated her vaccinations and charged me £77 for the privilege. Vodka stayed in the vet’s kennels while I shopped and then we both went home.