Unite Against Fascism

May 17, 2005

Nice number plate!

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Tesco car park, Leytonstone (NOT photoshopped, I swear).

January 14, 2005

Apple iProduct

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Apple. Your life in a small plastic case.

May 1, 2004

Alastair Campbell and chavs

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Went to “An audience with Alastair Campbell” last night. Mildly disappointed, there were some amusing parts; the safe introduction with a discussion about John Prescott thumping someone in the last election, the safe dig at overweight Americans but nothing too controversial or mind blowing. A few things he said seemed just plain wrong “I’m not interested in what the press say”. Huh? You were a journalist and then press secretary. His belief that the world was a better place without Saddam seemed without justification especially when he later remarked that he was not optimistic about the Middle East. Some of his criticisms of the press were spot on; the convergence of the broadsheets and the tabloids now competing for the same market, the over-simplification of news, the use of polls to reduce everything to Yes/No.

Perhaps though the important thing to take from it was his last message; for people to not be complacent about things and to take more interest, have more involvement, in politics.

This is my funny site of the day: Chavscum, enjoy.